Chain slings – what should you know about them?

Chain slings

Chain slings are a popular and widely used tool in industry – most often in the transport and construction industry. Their quality, solidity and reliability must be of a very high level, because they are used to carry huge loads. What are the features and types of chain slings?

Chain slings – basic information

What are the features and types of chain slings? Compared to other types of slings on the market, chain slings are the strongest. They are made of steel chains, high-strength elements with the possibility of their disassembly, hooks and the main link that connects the tie rods. High values ​​of the maximum permissible load and resistance to mechanical damage of the chain slings allow them to be used during demanding reloading activities.

The main advantages of chain slings

What are the main advantages of chain slings? Why it is worth choosing chain slings is determined by a number of advantages, the most important of which are:

  • large selection of endings (it should be properly selected for the activity and loads to be performed);
  • possibility of adjusting the length of the tendon;
  • high range of WLL values, ie Permissible Working Load);
  • the possibility of repairing the equipment or its replacement.

Equipment in the form of chain slings can be purchased both in Mipromet online stores and in stationary stores. When a person does not need to buy the equipment permanently, he can use the option of renting.

Types and application of chain slings

Learn the types and application of chain slings. Chain slings are divided into:

  • single fall: a section of chain where one end has a link and the other end has a hook;
  • two fall: two chains of the same length that are attached to one link with hooks at their ends;
  • three-legged: used, inter alia, for carrying concrete rings;
  • four-leg: connecting two two-leg slings with one common link.

The equipment is made of steel of different strength classes. Each of them is adapted for use in different conditions. The following strength classes are distinguished: 4, 5, 8, 10, and also 12. For example, class 5 slings are made of stainless steel, which allows them to be used in extremely difficult conditions (acidic environment or temperature of 700 ° C) and, in turn, class 8 is the most popular type, but it cannot be used in extreme weather conditions.


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