How to unclog toilet

How to unclog toilet

The toilet has it that it can clog. Just throw in too much toilet paper and the problem is ready. It is worth remembering that when the drain is clogged, do not drain the water again, then you run the risk of overflowing the water and spilling it all over the floor. A clogged toilet can be a real problem.

How to unclog toilet?

Sometimes the reason for throwing waste to sewage outlets is users’ ignorance. Therefore, educational materials are a good way to prevent these situations.

Among the most common causes of toilet clogging, factors such as:

• too much toilet paper in the toilet
• damaged cistern
• other materials lying in shells, such as paper towels, cotton wool, sanitary napkins

Inability to use, bacterial and germ growth, unpleasant smell, and even spilling water from the toilet are possible consequences of a clogged toilet. Successful dealing with this problem is a challenge, but proper preparation, as well as knowledge of proven methods of unclogging, will restore the desired conditions in the toilet.

Toilet blockage causes and fix

Home solutions for a clogged toilet

– dishwashing liquid and warm water – just pour the liquid into the water standing in the shell and wait about 15-20 minutes. After this time, pour warm water over it and drain it after a few minutes. The method does not guarantee full effectiveness, however, it usually works if the shells are clogged with toilet paper or a paper towel, i.e. materials that most often clog the drain.

– Baking soda with vinegar – pour a few tablespoons of baking soda into the clogged shell, then pour vinegar over it, wait a few minutes and press the cistern.

– Pongtu – is an invention originating in South Korea, which has the form of a piece of plastic. Just stick it to the dry ends of the shells and drain the water. This will cause a characteristic bulge of the material, which should be pressed several times. Under the influence of the pressure generated, the toilet should be unclogged.

– Plunger – the most popular and simplest device for tapping the toilet. It works in a very simple way, just press the rubber tip to the drain to suck in air, which should remove the clog, this operation should be done several times until successful.

– Metal hanger – bend the clothes hanger in such a way that it can be deeply inserted into the drain and maneuvered, and then with energetic movements we try to remove the blockage.

If these tools prove ineffective, it is advisable to use chemicals based on sodium hydroxide. They can be in the form of a liquid, gel or granules.
After unclogging the toilet, remove the residues that blocked it. Under no circumstances should you flush them in another toilet. It is recommended to clean the exposed shell thoroughly with toilet disinfectant.

A clogged toilet bowl is certainly one of the least pleasant tasks to do at home, and unfortunately it cannot be postponed. You may think at first that you need to call a plumber or at least ask your neighbor for help, but it’s worth checking how you can do it yourself.


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