How to stop storing

How to stop storing

Seemingly innocent snoring can cause constant fatigue, sleeplessness even after a few hours of rest or nap during the day. Although we often make jokes about snoring, this ailment should not be underestimated, especially in the case of associated apnea that is risky to health. How to fight her? Here are simple ways to snore.

Where does snoring come from?

Snoring is not a disease, but a symptom of obstructed airflow through the throat. The danger comes when snoring becomes pathological and is accompanied by so-called apnea (obstructive sleep apnea), i.e. no airflow through the larynx. This is especially true for people with a bent nasal septum, an elongated soft palate, enlarged tonsils, an overgrown tongue, or other abnormalities in the structure of the airways. Night concerts are more often given by obese people suffering from hypertension, postmenopausal women and those who go to sleep after drinking a larger portion of alcohol.

Snoring causes and treatments

How to stop snoring?

1. If you are obese, lose weight. The more you weigh, the more likely you will be to snore. People with obesity snore much more often and louder, so you should pay attention to what we eat and exercise regularly. Gymnastics will have a positive effect on well-being, improving muscle tone. In addition, the slimmer neck stops applying pressure to the respiratory tract.

2. Change bedding at least once a week. At least a pillowcase. The dust that collects on it, irritates the mucous membranes in the nose, it gets stuck and you sleep with your mouth open.

3. Take care of proper hydration. This helps the membranes work in the nose. It doesn’t hurt to rinse them once a time with sea water, which is available at every pharmacy.

4. Sleep on your side. This changes the position of the language and for many people is enough to stop snoring. Laying on your back makes snoring worse. This is because the tongue falls backwards, which opens the mouth.

5. When the above do not help, it is worth stopping alcohol and giving up spicy food that can cause snoring.

6. Choose the right pillow. It will reduce snoring and help fight sleep disorders. The choice of pillow is crucial because the correct support for the head, neck and spine greatly affects the regeneration of the body and healthy rest.

7. Cure infections. If snoring occurs sporadically and occurs most often during the period of the body’s susceptibility to colds, it can be caused by obstruction of the respiratory tract. Untreated runny nose, sinusitis, or enlarged tonsils force you to breathe through your mouth, causing annoying sounds.

In all cases where there is no obvious reason for snoring, you can cope alone. Sometimes it is enough to lose weight so that the slimmer neck does not compress the airways. Also, do not drink alcohol before bedtime.

If the above methods do not work, you should consult a doctor who will determine the causes of snoring and find a way to cure us of this ailment. Snoring can be a very first symptom of something serious.


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