How to get rid of fleas

How to get rid of fleas

Unwanted household members can spread even when no pet lives with us. All we have to do is transfer some fleas ourselves. The easiest way to get rid of them with ready-made flea remedies, but you can also prepare repellents yourself. What are the most effective home remedies for fleas?

Where do fleas come from?

The presence of fleas at home is a real problem for household members, because small parasites are not only bothersome, but also reproduce rapidly. In addition, they bite and can carry many diseases that are dangerous to health.

Fleas are not easy to locate. They are very small so sometimes it is impossible to see them. They can appear even if we don’t have an animal. However, human fleas are different from dogs. They do not have chitin combs that are present in fleas that attack animals. Still, they bite just as persistently. Bite wounds mercilessly itch, which is the first signal heralding the presence of unwanted tenants. If your pet is scratching more often than usual and the household has an itchy rash around the ankles, we may have a problem with fleas.

Flea extermination

Flea bites

Flea bites are usually small red spots reminiscent of a mosquito bite, but they do not cause swelling. Red spots cause itching, which can be extremely irritating to people with sensitive skin. In the case of allergy sufferers, itching may persist for up to 5 days after bite.

Fighting fleas at home

During the fierce fight with these parasites, remember to frequently vacuum up dusty and hard to reach places that may hide the larvae of parasites. When vacuuming rugs and rugs, let’s pay attention to the fact that vibration can force fleas hidden inside to escape, so we should be prepared for it. Let’s remember about frequent cleaning of floors and furniture, trying to keep our apartment impeccable cleanliness. If you have pets, collect their hair so that it does not accumulate under our feet.

Fleas control – effective ways

Fighting fleas at home is not easy. Home fleas will not help. Spraying fleas is the best solution. The concentrate insecticide should be diluted with water and reconstituted using a pressure sprayer. There may be flea eggs in the parquet crevices, skirting boards and other cavities. They have a shell partially resistant to insecticides. Therefore, remember to repeat the procedure after about 2 weeks. You can also use preparations such as a special flea spray.

To get rid of fleas, you need to be patient. Fleas that you can see with the naked eye are just a small part of all the individuals in your home. Wash away all things that fleas may be in. Use a special carpet and upholstery spray. Follow the directions on the packaging. Fill a shallow bowl with water and a little washing up liquid. Put it under the lamp. The fleas will be lured by the light and jump into the bowl.

However, this is not a way to get rid of them completely from home. Spraying the home with products, must be repeated from time to time. It is also worth checking your pet’s coat.


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