How to travel in Europe?

travel in Europe

The Old Continent is one of the most frequently visited places in the world. Numerous monuments, a rich and diversified culture, art and architecture, as well as delicious local cuisine guarantee a great holiday. How to travel cheap in Europe? Cheap airlines like Ryanair or easyJet come to your aid.

Flights within Europe for every budget

If you want to spend a few days in one of the European cities or are planning a multi-stage trip within Europe, use the offer of cheap airlines such as Ryanair, Wizz Air or Norwegian. Cheap flights guarantee a lot of savings, and carriers have to offer a rich network of connections, so you can reach virtually every corner of Europe. On top of that, some airlines are members of aviation alliances, and combined booking for several flights with different airlines can bring you even more benefits. Subscribe to the loyalty programme of an airline with which you plan to fly most often and earn miles for each haul – you can use them on your next trip!

Low cost airlines offer air tickets at lower prices, but this is associated with less comfort during travel. However, the distances between individual countries are small, so even a few hours of flight without a menu on the plane or in a less soft seat will not be such a heavy burden.

When to buy air tickets?

Do you know where you want to fly? Purchase the air tickets in advance. The lowest air ticket prices are available approx. 3 months before the planned trip. Sign up for a price alert to receive notification when prices, e.g. for a flight to Barcelona, are lower. It’s also worth following special deals on flights. Often times, low-cost airlines introduce them without prior announcement. When planning your trip, be flexible whenever you can when it comes to flight dates. Sometimes it is enough to enter the departure date later or earlier by 2-3 days to make flight tickets appearing on the list of searches cheaper by up to a dozen or so percent. Ryanair opens a new route to a place you’ve always wanted to see? Do not hesitate with the purchase of tickets! A limited number of promotional tickets is bound to be available for sale. You can be sure that they will sell out within a few hours. When is the best time to travel around Europe? Tickets for flights during the holiday season are usually more expensive, but on the other hand, many low-cost airlines introduce seasonal flights during that time. Traveling in warmer months is also a guarantee of smaller luggage allowance.

How to pack for air travel?

Flying with cheap carriers comes with downsides, and one of them is the baggage policy. Of course, checked baggage is available at an additional fee, but in case of a short trip or holiday in the summer season, you may only be able to bring hand luggage. The hand baggage allowance at Ryanair is different from that of, for example, Wizz Air. If you plan to fly with different carriers, pack into a soft backpack. If necessary, you can easily adjust the dimensions to those accepted by the airline. Roll your clothes instead of folding them, you will save space. Use the travel size cosmetics from the hotel and bring only the most important items. Traveling with a backpack is much more convenient. Pack a smaller or zippered bumbag into a larger backpack. This will allow you to leave the bigger piece of luggage in a hotel or in the storage room at the station, and pack the most necessary items into the smaller one when you go sightseeing! This solution will also prove useful during a short break between consecutive flights. Make good use of this time instead of walking around the airport and dragging your trolley suitcase.

Cheap sightseeing

Visiting the city on foot or with the help of public transport is the simplest and cheapest option. However, it may happen that you need to rent a car. In this case, check the flight + car rental offer at the airport. This solution will save your money, time and allow you to avoid unnecessary stress. Also consider flight + hotel packages, especially if you are staying in a less touristic town. You have the chance to stay in a luxury facility for a really favourable fee.

Upon arrival, visit the tour desk. Sometimes information on the web is not up to date. Find out what attractions are free, on which days you can visit museums free of charge, when there are Free Walking Tours around the city. The most popular attractions are usually paid, but you can save a bit on others. Plan how many meals you will eat in well-known restaurants, and eat the rest in local eateries (you will not only save, but also get to know the flavours of a given cuisine better).

Holidays in romantic Paris, Rome, sunny Spain or maybe a city break in Prague? Let yourself be carried away by a European adventure. Independent travel planning means considerable savings as well as freedom in managing your time.

Source: eSky Norway.


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