How Should Adults Learn English?

How Should Adults Learn English

Language learning is a very individual issue. Some people catch language knowledge quite quickly, others it takes years. The need to learn a foreign language can only occur in a certain age. This is often linked to new work requirements or a change of country of residence.

And as you know, a foreign language, especially English, which is the most popular in the world, is a ticket to a professional career, personal development, or simply a better standard of living. That is why more and more adults start their adventure with English lessons.

How To Start?

This question was already asked by the ancient Romans. And the answer they discovered was — ab ovo! It means — from the beginning! Adults wishing to continue learning English, which they have already started, sometimes during their childhood, should test their knowledge at the very beginning of the study.

It is best to do this in writing and orally, with the support of an English teacher. Then it will turn out what we remember, what are our predispositions, and maybe we also have bad educational habits? Such an initial test will additionally determine from what level of learning to start — whether elementary, or maybe pre intermediate English lessons? Anyway, you will definitely need to review the fundamental basics — grammar, tenses, vocabulary, and phrases.

The situation is completely different in the case of adults who begin their adventure with the English language for the first time. Rather, they will have to decide whether they feel better in the group or in the individual learning process. So the issues of personality, character and psychological issues will be more important.

Step By Step

Adults who have taken a long break from learning can easily become discouraged. That is why learning English should be planned gradually. Learn one grammar rule first, learn Simple Present, and then move on to the next section. Dont do everything at once!

Each age brings with it all kinds of charms, but also challenges. Older man learns slower. This is due to the natural processes of aging or neurological issues. Therefore, teaching has to be dosed. It is better absorbed if we learn more often and in shorter time intervals.


There is no age barrier in teaching older people as in the case of young students. This has to be taken into account, both from the teachers and students perspective. Respect and openness — this is what we should be guided by in our relations.

Perseverance and Motivation

Psychology has been shown to play a key role in the cognitive process. The right learning atmosphere, the right attitude and strong motivation are the key to linguistic success. Why? Because nothing is impossible. If an adult learners know they have eed to learn English, they will. Because they have a strong motivation. And whatever happens, they will accomplish their predefined goal.


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