Family bathroom design – 5 hacks by bathroom designers Aberdeen

Family bathroom design

There are two types of bathrooms – a beautiful, stylish spa-like oasis of peace and comfort and chaotic, playful, busy, family bathrooms full of toys, bits and pieces. Our job at bathrooms Aberdeen is to make sure that you can combine these two together and create the space that will suit all of your needs as a family. Pinterest like bathrooms are amazing, sure. But designing a bathroom for a family means considering individual needs and future-proofing to avoid any remodelling in the next few years. Here are 5 hacks by bathroom designers Aberdeen that will help you design a perfect family bathroom! 

#1 Make the most of the space you have 

No matter how big is your bathroom, when few people are using it, it tends to get pretty messy very quickly. Shampoo bottles, hairbrushes, make up accessories and toys are piling up on every inch of the surface? Built-in storage is something you definitely need, preferably floor to ceiling type. Also consider a lot of door hangers, baskets, boxes and shelves for everyone to keep their personal stuff in. There is no such thing as “too much storage” in a family bathroom. 

#2 Maximise the room 

How do you maximise the space? By using mirrors! That’s one of the tricks that we absolutely love at bathrooms Aberdeen! But in a family bathroom, big mirrors are more than just a decoration – they are must-haves. There are times when few family members are getting ready at the very same time. Incorporating large mirrors create the illusion of more space but is also helping to avoid conflict during this busy morning rush hours. 

#3 Two in one – whenever and wherever you can 

Designing a family bathroom means that it has to work for everyone – now and in the future. If you have a toddler who loves bubble baths but you are a fan of quick morning showers – try an over-bath shower. It’s perfect if your bathroom isn’t big enough to fit a bath and a shower separately. The same goes for having two teenagers who are taking ages to get ready before school. As our bathroom designers Aberdeen recommend, opt for double vanities with two basins and plenty of space in between them for accessories and other bits. 

#4 Use easy to clean surfaces 

Family life is busy enough – inside and outside of a bathroom. So there’s no need to add any more cleaning than is absolutely necessary. When you start to plan your family bathroom make sure to choose tiles and surfaces that are quick and easy to clean. Also, don’t forget to consider high enough tiling to avoid water splashing on walls. What are the easiest to clean bathroom tile materials?

  • natural stone tile
  • polished porcelain tile
  • vinyl tile
  • glass tile  

#5 Find balance 

Just because it is a family bathroom doesn’t mean it has to be all about comfort and not at all about beauty. Because the same busy bathroom in the morning can become your chilling zone in the evening. In bathrooms Aberdeen we recommend our clients to remember that they can really have “the best of both worlds”. For the family bathroom, you should think about non-slip baths and shower trays, soft close toiles seats and taps with temperature regulators. But don’t forget about the tile design to add some colour. Scented candles, posters on the walls and pretty decorations that work with your aesthetic. 


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