How to get rid of ants

How to get rid of ants

Ants live in perfectly organized societies. Ants at home are undesirable, ants in the garden can also be bothersome. How to get rid of them? The way to ants – what’s the best?

How to protect your home against ants?

Ants at home appear mainly in search of food. The first thing you need to do to protect yourself from them is to seal food tightly. After each meal, clean the kitchen thoroughly, do not leave leftovers on the countertop or table. Also check for leaks and cleanliness around the dustbin. The best in this case are closed baskets.

Ants enter the flats through any leaks around windows, sewers or cracks in the wall. It is good to secure these places with plaster or silicone. You can also preventively spray potential entrances.

Ant extermination

Homemade ants

Block the road

First, you can create a barrier that is difficult to overcome: seal holes around water pipes and central heating installations. It is worth sealing the cracks in the walls,
if possible, spray the walls and ceiling with lime milk,
spray the surface around the gaps and openings through which ants get into the building, as well as door and window frames, fans, ducts and ducts, floor slats.

Use fragrances that ants don’t like

Other home remedies are to scatter chopped parsley or ground herbal pepper on the ant route, which they do not like. Use substances that repel ants. Such are, among others vinegar, garlic, talcum powder, baby powders, chalk, citrus oil, bay leaves, and pepper. Scatter these substances in your home, especially around doors, windows, and cracks through which ants can enter your home.

If the ants especially like one of your potted plants, sprinkle cinnamon around it. Its sharp smell should effectively scare them away. Vinegar or lemon juice is also effective. In the kitchen cabinets, spread camphor or use a trap with honey that will immobilize the ants. For this purpose, you can cover honey with cardboard or another pad, which you can easily remove later with the ants.

Clean your house!

Do not forget to throw organic waste in airtight garbage cans or store food in airtight containers. Regularly wipe all surfaces in the house, and also, if necessary, use ant repellent substances (after reading the instructions for use). Collect all the ants you notice with a vacuum cleaner or cloth. If the concentration of insects is unusually high, try to locate and destroy their source.

Collect all ants with a vacuum cleaner or a cloth moistened with cleaning milk as soon as you see the ants. Change the vacuum cleaner filter regularly.

If you keep your house clean, you will be able to maintain your home without ants being sure that they will not appear in the future.

Now you know how to eliminate ants from your home. If all methods fail, use the services of specialists for disinfestation.
Let’s remember that ants in the garden are useful for us – they kill and eat numerous harmful insects. If they are not very bothersome – let’s tolerate them not only in the garden, but even indoors.


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