How to write a resume

How to write a resume

The current situation on the labor market, when a candidate can choose from among various offers, favors much harsher criticism of recruitment processes presented by companies. Employers are accused of a soulless approach to the selection of candidates, while most people send their resume at random in response to every advertisement. How to write a great resume?

How to write a resume? First steps

Before reading your resume, the recruiter will reach the following sections, where you will list all your competences in detail, it would be worth introducing him shortly. A well-written introduction should speak in a few words about your previous experience, as well as expectations and plans related to further professional development. Mark what is your strongest point and in what position you will best use your skills and experience. The fact is, the cover letter is usually no longer a required addition, so in this section you can also include its shortened version to emphasize why your choice fell on this company.

If your resume is illegible, it can go to the trash, even if you have the required experience and qualifications! On the other hand, an ingenious and well-designed resume will positively distinguish you and skillfully highlight the most important information.

Resume or CV writing tips

How to write a resume? Good practices

– Under the name and surname, add the name of the position you apply for. This helps to build the impression that you have written a resume specifically for the given offer.

– Place the skills and professional summary (you will learn how to describe them in the section below) in visible places of the resume. The natural way of scanning with eyes is the so-called model letter F, therefore the most important information should be on the top and left of the resume.

– Make sure to add the “achievements” section and make sure that the description of the last two positions fits on the first page of your CV (this is the most important part of your CV).

– Use spacing, bold or other color. Note that in the study the sample CV on the right focuses the recruiter’s attention much better, because he skillfully uses bold and bullet points.

– Make sure that your CV has the right colors and that it does not contain elements that draw attention away from the most important content.

– The most important role in experience is played by your last two positions. Use bold to distinguish the job title and the employer from the description of the experience of the duties performed.

– Remember to put exact dates. Recruiters always pay attention to them. Never overstate your experience.


Use the tips above to describe your skills and successes, and remember to always match the application with the job offer. It will take you 15 minutes longer, but you will receive much more invitations to interviews.

You have received a negative answer and will not work for this company? Ask the recruiter how he estimates your resume and what he thinks you can change and improve for the future.


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