How to make an omelette

How to make an omelette

What is an omelette?

The omelette is eggs, fried in a pan and served with any additions. Everyone has their own omelette recipe, but not everyone knows which omelette recipe is the classic.

How to prepare an omelette?

If you’re wondering how to make an omelette then you need to know that a lot depends on eggs. It’s worth choosing fresh, large eggs and taking care of their proper temperature. Do not break eggs that we have just removed from the fridge. They should be at room temperature. Therefore, after taking them out of the fridge, let them rest for a minimum of 15 minutes.

A good omelette requires some patience and time. Remember that one serving is prepared from 2 eggs without any additions. In the fit version it can even be one egg. Often, in recipes, in addition to eggs to prepare an omelette, you need milk and flour. If you want the omelette to be more dietary milk can be replaced with water, and flour can be completely abandoned.

Omelette cooking guide

Omelette recipe

Have you ever eaten an under-cooked or not very fluffy omelette? If so, it’s past. Thanks to today’s recipe, you will prepare a fluffy and tasty omelette each time.

But before we get to the recipe, prepare all the ingredients. Also remember about the devices that will be necessary in this process, namely: the pan, lid and wooden spoon.

The last item will work both as a gadget for mixing products and as a way to easily translate the finished dish into a plate. In turn, the pan on which you will prepare a delicious breakfast should have higher edges so that the omelette does not spill over its edges or stick to the lid.

Ingredients for two portions are 4 eggs divided into yolks and proteins, 1.5 tablespoons of butter, half a teaspoon of salt and 4 tablespoons of milk. Begin the whole process by combining yolks and milk. Then prepare the pan, because when preparing the omelette it should be fully heated. Therefore, before you start whipping proteins, put butter in a pan and let the device warm up. In the meantime, when the butter melts in the pan, whisk the proteins with a pinch of salt. Combine yolks and beaten egg whites gently. At this stage, a wooden spoon will be helpful. Pour the mixture into a hot pan and place the lid on top. Fry the omelette for 5 minutes. Bon Appetit!

What additions fit with an omelette?

Omelette is a great meal base, but served with toppings is even better. What additions to give him? Sweet or dry omelette? It all depends on our tastes, as well as the time of day when we eat a meal. This morning can be full of sweets, add bananas to it, or apples and cinnamon. You can supplement a great dry omelette with cold cuts, cheese and vegetables. Omelettes with ham, gouda cheese, feta cheese and tomatoes, chorizo ​​and spinach are one of the most popular combinations.

Nothing prevents you from adding seafood or more extravagant additions to the omelette. The omelette will be just as great in itself! You can give your favourite ingredients a go, we are sure you will love the outcome!


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