How many weeks in a year

How many weeks in a year

The answer to the question “how many days a standard year has” is, of course, 365. This is the correct statement if it is not a leap year. In this case, the year will have 366 days. And how many weeks is the year? How does this count for a leap year? About it below.

How do we count the year?

Year – the time interval between two equal positions of the Earth in its orbit around the Sun. Similarly, we can talk about the Martian or Venusian year – this is the time interval between two positions of the planet in its orbit around the parent star.

The calendar year in the Gregorian calendar begins on January 1 at 00:00 and ends at the end of the day falling on December 31. Generally, a solar calendar is used, in which four seasons are separated: spring – summer – autumn – winter.

The above calculation does not take into account the leap seconds added in some years.

The time when the Earth orbits the sun is approximately 365 days 5 hours 48 minutes.

The yearly time period

The difference between the astronomical year and calendar year

According to the Julian calendar, the astronomical year lasts exactly 365.25 days. The calendar year is divided into four quarters, each of which lasts 3 months. The first quarter includes January, February and March. To the second – April, May, June. The third is July, August, September and the fourth is October, November and December.

Julian calendar – a solar calendar developed at the request of Julius Caesar by the Greek astronomer Sosygenes and implemented in 709 Ab Urbe Condita (45 BCE) as the calendar applicable in the Roman state. It was in force in Europe for many centuries, e.g. in Spain, Portugal, Poland and Italy until 1582, in Russia from 1700 to 1918 (previously the Byzantine calendar in which the year began on September 1 was used), and in Greece until 1923, which caused dualism dates of the new and old order between different countries. The Julian calendar was replaced by the Gregorian calendar in 1582; to this day, however, some churches still use this calendar.

In this calendar, the ordinary year lasts 365 days, while every 4 years there is a leap year of 366 days. The years, whose ordinal number is divisible by 4, are leap years.

How many weeks is the year?

We divide the year into 4 quarters, and each of them has 3 months. It usually consists of 52 weeks. Calculating the year further consists of 365 days times 24 hours or 8760 hours, which gives us 525 600 minutes and 31 536 000 seconds.

These values ​​may differ slightly for a leap year, falling every 4 years. The number of weeks per year will remain unchanged, but the number of hours, minutes and seconds may vary.

School and academic year

Depending on the country or university, the school year and the academic year may differ in the number of weeks. In some countries, children start education in August and have a two-week autumn vacation, while other countries give up their autumn vacation for longer rest in August. There is therefore no single answer.


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