How to gain weight

How to gain weight

Diets are usually associated with ways to lose kilos – no wonder, many people nowadays have more than enough opportunity to eat hearty, low-nutritious meals. Nevertheless, sometimes there is a need to gain some weight, for example, after a serious illness or simply to achieve the desired figure.

How to gain weight – what do you need to know?

Two factors influence the appearance of the figure: caloric demand and the amount of calories that is provided with food. People with fast metabolic rate and ectomorphic physique usually have a problem with gaining weight.

A weight gain diet that increases body weight is especially useful for ectomorphs, but also for those who have lost too much weight because of, for example, illness. Excessive weight loss is generally due to a shortage of protein, vitamins and minerals.

You can fill in the deficiencies by following a diet rich in cereal products, fatty marine fish, vegetables and fruit. Three glasses of dairy drinks are enough to give your body a daily dose of calcium.

Deciding on radical weight loss diets with a very high calorie supply can be a bad idea, as it can introduce eating habits that will persist even after your metabolism slows down. Weight gain can then outgrow assumptions, and developing new habits will be associated with heavy sacrifices.

A great snack, and also a healthy calorie bomb are nuts, dried fruits, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. They provide many nutrients and calories, taste great, and at the same time do not stretch the walls of the stomach due to the small volume.

Gaining weight guide

How to make a diet?

The basic assumption of any diet is child’s play: if you take less calories than you consume – you lose weight, and if more than your body “burns”, then you gain weight. Unfortunately, that doesn’t do the trick. Especially in the case of weight gain, a big difference is whether the increase in body weight is associated with the growth of muscle or fat tissue, because it affects our figure. It is also worth being aware that weight gain on the “fatter meal, the better” principle is a way to problems with too high cholesterol, not to mention the carcinogenic effect of deep fried and highly processed foods, such as fast food.

That is why it is worth composing varied, nutritious meals with so-called healthy calorie bombs. The number of meals is not insignificant – it is suggested that there should be as many as five per day, but slightly smaller, to constantly add energy and nutrients to the body. Physical activity is also of key importance, because thanks to it we will gain muscle tissue, which is the foundation of a beautiful, elastic figure. It is worth gradually increasing the calorie supply and the level of physical activity as the diet goes by.

A simple way to provide extra calories and nutrients is to add fat to your dishes. It should always be fat added cold at the end of cooking, and it must also be of high quality. Olive oil, linseed oil, pumpkin seed oil and many other vegetable oils are recommended.


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