How to gert rid of bedbugs

How to gert rid of bedbugs

There are over a million house dust bed bugs in your bed. Just knowing that we go to bed every night in the company of microscopic creatures that feed on our peeled skin may not be the most pleasant. How do you get rid of bed bugs?

What are bed bugs?

Most bed bugs are invisible arachnids that are related to ticks. But bed bugs can reach sizes up to 3 cm in length.

Bed bugs live only 2 months. However, they breed quickly, because the female can lay up to 30 eggs. That is why it is so difficult to get rid of them.

Without bugs, they have the best conditions for development in summer and early autumn, when the apartments are warm and humid.

Bedbug extermination

Bed bugs in bedding

Not all types of bedding can be washed at high temperatures, but if there are no contraindications, it is worth it. Why? bed bugs die when their temperature just exceeds 60 degrees. The duvet covers that you will find in our store are mostly adapted for washing at temperatures unfavorable for dust bed bugs. However, this is not the only method. They are also sensitive to low temperatures. therefore, a good way for dust bed bugs is to ventilate bedding in winter when the weather is frosty. Below 0 degrees, the bed bugs also die, so even a few minutes outside during the cold months is enough to eliminate them.

Choose the right bedding

The quality of bedding is of great importance if we want to prevent the development of house dust bed bugs. A good idea is filling with bamboo fibers – especially in quilts and pillows. This material not only provides breathability, but also its top layer prevents dust from settling and prevents bed bugs from nesting, which is especially important in the case of allergy-free pillows. Antiallergic properties also have duvets and pillows filled with corn fiber and those that, thanks to latex filling and cotton top, also effectively protect against fungi, bacteria and house dust bed bugs.

A bed is not everything!

In addition to keeping the bed and its accessories clean, do not forget that bed bugs can live in the whole bedroom. If you can, give up carpets for panels or tiles, because this is an excellent habitat for bed bugs. It is also worth remembering to regularly vacuum other bedroom furniture to prevent bed bugs from expanding. Is that enough? To be sure, don’t forget to clean the curtains, which can also be a source of dust and bed bugs. To eliminate them from your bedroom more effectively, ventilate it regularly and make sure it is bright – the bed bugs can’t stand the sun and in this way you can get rid of them. Although we love our domestic animals, it is worth keeping them away from our bed – pet hair is an excellent breeding ground for bed bugs. It is a good idea to control the humidity – the higher it is, the unfortunately the bed bugs are more likely to be found. And a few changes in the evening routine and good bedding are enough to make the problem with runny nose and other ailments caused by bed bugs disappear.


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