How to knit

How to knit

Knitting is not so difficult, although at first it may seem a little complicated. If you will be holding wires for the first time, first of all give yourself time and do not get discouraged if it does not go smoothly right away.

Preparations for crocheting

It is very important that you know what you want to do first. If you start from zero position and you don’t have any crochet or yarn yet, think about what you want to crochet. You need other materials for jewelry, teddy bears, dresses and bags. We recommend you make a scarf for your first job.

Do you need tools? To start with, you need knitting needles and yarn. You can also use a crochet hook to finish the needlework. As for the yarn, we recommend you a thicker yarn, thanks to which you will see better what you are sewing. Working on thin knitwear can easily be put off.

By buying a yarn in the online store you will always find next to it information on which wires are best to choose.

There are more and more stores in which we can buy not only wool, but also designs, whole packages. This is a great solution if you are going to make, for example, the first knit sweater, and we have no idea what pattern to choose and how many skeins we will need – in the set we get instructions, wool needed to make the design and accessories (for example, thick needles for sewing the edges).

Knitting for beginners

How to make a scarf

Choose an easy design, and it’s best to make a few simplest scarves before you decide it’s time for the next step.

One of the mistakes of beginners (in any field) is to set the bar too high. Sure, it’s worth aiming high, but first you need to learn the basics and gain practice.

A scarf is probably the simplest thing you can knit. Wool is not that elastic and you need to ensure constant thread tension so that the rows come out evenly. This, however, is really much simpler than it seems. After some time, the hand does a little, you fall into the rhythm and before you look, the scarf is ready.

Patience is the key to success

Do not give up. Not everything will come out right away and it is natural, time to learn is necessary and most of us will not jump over it. As they say, art up to three times. And in the case of wires, sometimes up to four, five or ten. Anything fun, right?

There are no defeats, there are only lessons that must be learned! Do not be afraid of ripping, mistakes and corrections. If you don’t get it right the first time, it’s not because you are useless, but because you are just changing your mind, learning, acquiring new skills and working in your brain, new connections are created between neurons. You will learn the most about knitting from failures.

Record, write down, methodically record every detail of individual projects – especially when you start venturing into the land of self-design. Notes are a source of invaluable information, and if you have long breaks in knitting, they can be your last resort, which will allow you to finish the work put long ago on the shelf.


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