How to kiss

How to kiss

Kissing is an extremely important issue. Whether you are doing it for the first time or if you already have many kisses behind you, this situation can stress you. The new situation is always a challenge, but you will probably do everything instinctively after a while!

How to kiss

It is definitely worth acquiring this skill, because kissing is one of the most pleasant things that a person has to deal with. Practice makes perfect. But where to start? If you haven’t learned how to kiss yet, check how to go about it.

How to kiss to please yourself and your partner? If you haven’t learned the kissing techniques yet, nothing is lost. It’s not that hard.

Kissing guide

A kiss is an extremely pleasant way of contact between two people. Kissing is like riding a bike, once you learn it, you’ll never forget how to do it. Just as there are no two identical people, there are no two identical kisses. Everyone has their preferences in this matter.

How to prepare for a kiss?

There is no such thing as a perfect moment to kiss. Such a moment can come at any time, so you must be prepared!

Take care of fresh breath: always brush your teeth and have a pack of chewing gums on hand. Your lips should not be dry and chapped – they will uncomfortably scratch your partner.

First of all, think about whether you really want it. It may happen that the other person is the initiating party, but you do not have to agree on everything. If you are not ready for this form of contact, please tell your partner. Sometimes a boy or girl needs more time. There is no reason to accelerate this moment, because the kiss will be forced.

Do not analyze! If you are convinced that the person you are with is the right one, do not hesitate. There is nothing worse than analyzing the situation – whether it is the right moment, what the other person will think. Let yourself be carried away!

Types of kisses

A dry kiss – innocent, with her mouth closed. It’s more lip-stroking than real kissing.

Kiss with a tongue – this is the most popular kiss. Lips should be slightly parted, lips slightly open. A kiss with a tongue looks like she or he slips his tongue into the partner’s mouth and wraps his tongue in a circular motion. After a few or several seconds, it protrudes its tongue and waits for the partner to set its tongue in motion.

A deep kiss is a more exciting version of a kiss with a tongue. It consists in the fact that when she or he finds the tongue in the mouth of the partner, he begins to dive deeply there and suck his tongue. The tip of the tongue is very sensitive, there are many nerve endings here, which is why it is very stimulating.

American kiss – he gently sucks her upper lip while she caresses him with her lower lip. It is very exciting especially for women.

Stroking kiss – with a slightly open mouth, the tip of the tongue strokes the partner’s body. Remember to gently take in the air and release it directly onto the part of his body stroked with kisses. It will increase pleasure.


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