How to make a website

How to make a website

Do you sell products online? Do you run a company or organization and want people to reach you? Your own website is very important and serves as your business card. Your own web address is where you send people to and find yourself in search results. If you are wondering how to make a website, we have something for you – we have prepared a short guide on how to make a website step by step. You will find the most important things, tools and tips in it.

First of all – choose the subject

Your most important task will be to think about what your website should be about. Could it be your company’s business card containing contact details, information about services, a map or contact form? Or maybe you want to set up a website for the community, sports club or portal with local information? You can also set up a website, e.g. about a hobby, which may earn you money in the future.
The first task when creating a website is to plan the content that will be on the page.

Website creation

Who is your site for?

It is best to write everything you want on it on a piece of paper. Once you ask yourself questions about what page you need and what it should be, it will be easier for you to take the next step – think about what should be on this page. What will people look for and what do you have to offer? What services do you have for them? These are other questions that will help you design a website better.

In the end you want to reach users – meet them. Also, think about what information you are looking for online and how you like it when presented. If you want to go a step further, create the perfect user profile for your site, i.e. a person. With this idea it will be easier for you to determine the needs of people who will use your site.

How to make a website

Once you have the initial design of your own website, it’s time to choose methods. Website creation tools are very important – they are supposed to help at work, not hinder it. Especially if you do not want to bother with constant updates and finding additional solutions.

A very important thing in building a website is its responsive design, i.e. how the website is displayed on mobile devices. Although this is a very important issue, many website building tools either make it difficult or impossible.

You need a domain, i.e. your website address and hosting. Of course, you also need tools to create a website. There are many tools, but most of them have their limitations or require a lot of knowledge about building websites. You can also choose the services of professionals who will make such a site for you.

Remember about positioning!

Since you are creating your own website, you want people to find you. That is why you must remember about SEO, i.e. preparing the website for the requirements of search engines. This means that the website must answer the questions that its search engine will ask, and in fact – a specific person. Consider how you search for information on the internet.


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