How to create a youtube channel

How to create a youtube channel

Content in video format is one of the largest web traffic generators. Imagine capturing even a small portion of this traffic for your own channel! YouTube can be extremely useful if you know how to use it.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to set up a YouTube channel and actually create a “portal” for your viewers to connect with them.

First steps

When you start learning how to set up a YouTube channel, you need to know that this platform connects directly to your Google account (for authorization, payment and access to statistics using solutions like AdSense), so you will need to register by creating a Google account or use already owned.

Go to YouTube, then log in with your Google account to learn how to set up a YouTube channel. If you want to separate your YouTube identity from your personal account, you can create a separate “Brand Account” page when using your Google Account. This is the same account that will allow you to watch, share, and comment on other videos, as well as create your own.

Youtube channel creation

How to promote clips on YouTube?

You can take advantage of many options – both paid and free. If you want to get the effect quickly and build the largest reach possible, it’s definitely worth investing in advertising. However, if you do not plan to spend money, have time and desire, you can take care of the promotion of the film yourself:

Post videos on other social networks where your target audience resides; you can do this automatically using the “Upload” function – it allows you to add information about your YouTube activity to accounts associated with your channel in external social profiles. Search online forums to discuss topics related to your industry. If your video is the answer to a problem in discussions, recommend it. Follow other users’ YouTube channels, comment on their videos and encourage you to watch your content, and tag your channel accordingly to make it easier to find in search.

Discover shadowban

It’s good not to succumb to emotions when haters appear in the comments. YouTube has a feature called shadowban. Banning a user in this way means that only they will see their comment and will not even know that their comments are not visible to other viewers.

Measure your effects

Measuring effects should interest you for three reasons. First of all, you know if what you do meets with any response, how many viewers there are and whether they want to interact with the materials. Secondly, you improve the quality of your materials – you can find out when movies are interesting and attract attention or if they are not too long. Third, you answer the basic question – “does what I do here make any sense” – that is, did you get leads, increase sales, or strengthen brand awareness.

Now that you know what to look for when setting up a YouTube channel, there is nothing else to do but record videos. We keep our fingers crossed for your adventure with YouTube and we are sure that you will achieve your desired success very soon!


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