Why Brands Don’t Always Offer Coupons?


The shopping culture has changed in the last few years. Why? Because of the change in the economy. Most companies no longer offer coupons. However, there are big brands that offer coupons regularly. And they still make a lot of money. And it is hard for consumers to buy their products without a coupon.

Some brands do not always offer coupons. They know coupons can help them increase their sales. But they do not offer them. Why? Because coupons can hurt their business in the long run. In this article, you will learn why these brands do not offer coupons.

Lack of Confidence

These brands do not offer coupons because it hurts their brand image. Some people believe that brands, that offer coupons, do not believe in their products. And it proves that the brand lacks confidence in their products.

Some potential customers lose confidence in brands that offer coupons. They see the brand does not stand behind their products. And they are not committed to their products. It is hard to regain confidence. And it leads to lost sales.

Bad Precedent

Once the brand offers a coupon, it is hard to go back. Why? Because the customers expect to get a coupon every time they are buying the same product. They can even wait for a new coupon. And some will not buy the product without a coupon. Offering a coupon may seem like a good option. It is not. Offering new coupons is bad for business.

Lower Perceived Value

Some people value products based on their prices. They assume expensive products are better than cheaper ones. Brands know the importance of selling the value of their products. They demonstrate how their products work. And they show their potential customers how their products can add value to their lives.

When brands offer coupons, they lower the perceived value of their products. Some people may buy from the brand. But they do not place much value on them. Some people buy their products because they are cheap. And they want to save money.


Some brands hire sales agents to sell their products. So, these agents convince their potential customer that their product is the best they can get. But the customer is not interested. And these agents know they can lose the sale. what do they do? They offer a coupon.

Offering a coupon may make potential customers happy. Because they can get the product at a lower price. But they will find it hard to trust that brand. Why? They have listened to the sales agents telling them this is the best product they can get. So, they may assume the brand is not honest with the quality of their products.

The “Price” Conversation

Some brands do not offer coupons. Why? They know potential customers buy the product because there is a coupon. It does not give these brands enough time to talk about the benefits of their product. Most people may not even know if the product is the right solution for their problem. They do not ask because they focus on price alone.

The Profit Cuts

The top brands are facing stiff competition. And the competition is increasing every year. It is getting harder to make money offering coupons. Most brands no longer offer coupons. Why? They want to increase their profits. And they use profits to improve their products.

Offering coupons reduce profit. It makes it harder to achieve their revenue goal. The brand works harder to achieve its revenue goals. By the way, working harder to achieve revenue cost more money. And some brands do not achieve their revenue goals. Why? They do not have enough time and manpower.

These are the top reasons why brands do not always offer coupons. Offering coupons lower perceived value. It reduces profits. And it leads to a lack of confidence.


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