How to make iced coffee

How to make iced coffee

Iced coffee does not have to be expensive – you can taste this delicacy at your own home. On hot days, nothing refreshes like iced coffee. Inexpensive and delicious ice coffee can be made at home. How to do it? Get tips on how to make iced coffee and enjoy its taste.

How to make iced coffee

Don’t know how to make iced coffee? The basic recipe is easy and quick to prepare. All you need is some good quality ingredients.

Make black coffee in a coffee machine or brew using other appliances available in the kitchen. It’s best to use filtered water – it won’t change the taste of the coffee.
If you like, sweeten the coffee and set aside to cool.
Pour cold coffee into the dish in which you will prepare iced coffee and gradually add chilled milk and ice cubes.
The whole can be mixed using a blender, you will get a delicate foam. You can also mix the ingredients with a spoon or a manual milk frother. You can also get the effect of delicate foam by pouring ready liquid from a height.
Coffee tastes best when served in a chilled tall glass with thick walls.

Iced coffee preparation

What do you need to make iced coffee?

To make iced coffee, it is worth buying the necessary accessories. Fortunately, you don’t need many of them. You’ll get an extraordinary aroma and deep taste by brewing coffee in a pressure espresso machine, a cafeteria (mocha) or brewer will also work. In addition, you will need milk for its preparation, if you like ice.

Strong coffee from an espresso machine, i.e. espresso, works best because it is the most essential and aromatic. But you can also use a classic brewed or soluble – both are worth adding a teaspoon of sugar.

If you do not have an ice cube maker, freeze the water in special bags or a container. You can also use instant coffee.

The basic dish in which you combine the ingredients of iced coffee is a bowl or small pot. Use a mixer, blender, shaker or whisk to mix them together. In addition, a thick drinking straw will be useful, and a small strainer and favorite spices to decorate the coffee.

What to add to iced coffee?

Want to know how to make iced coffee in an original way? Freeze the mixture of coffee and milk, and then mix, you will get a drink with an interesting texture. Use fruit, ice cream, sorbets or dried fruit. All you need is to blend strawberries, bananas with chilled coffee or add roasted coconut flakes or a scoop of your favorite ice cream. A tasty addition will also be all kinds of liqueurs or strong alcohols. You’ll get the original aroma thanks to nutmeg.

Iced frappe coffee

Iced coffee is exactly cafe frappe, which is a coffee drink originating from Greece, which is prepared from soluble coffee, water / milk and ice. The drink not only adds energy, but also refreshes on hot days. Iced coffee with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream can be an idea for a delicious dessert. And the addition of chocolate coating will also sweeten the moment. You can also make such coffee easily in your home.


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