How High Off The Ground Should Your Bed Be?


The height of your bed is more important than you might imagine. This is due to the fact that it affects how you are able to get in and out of your bed every day. This is why you need to know how high off the ground your bed should be.

How Tall Are You?

When you are looking at how high off the ground your bed should be, you need to take your own height into consideration. Taller people will benefit more from beds that are higher off the ground. However, those who are shorter could find that these beds are too high and awkward to get into.

For most people, the ideal height for their bed is knee-level. This will usually be around 16 inches to 24 inches off the ground. With this height, you will be able to place your feet firmly on the ground when you get out of bed.

Your Health

Another factor that will impact the height of your bed is your overall health. If you have back or knee problems, you need to consider how this will affect getting in and out of the bed. If your bed is too low, you could exacerbate your back and knee problems.

Additionally, elder people need to consider how much effort is needed to get out of the bed. You do not want a bed that requires a lot of exertion to get out in the morning.

Bed Height Of 18 Inches

A height of 18 inches is very common when you have a platform bed with mattress. This is ideal if shorter people because this is fairly low to the ground. Taller people should avoid a bed that is only 18 inches off the ground.

This is due to the fact that taller people will need to crouch or get into a squat-like position to get up. Getting onto the bed in the evening will also be harder for taller people. There are other issues that come with a lower bed that you need to know about, but are not related to your health.

These other drawbacks will include a lack of storage space under the bed. These lower beds will also generally use slats for support which some people can find uncomfortable. However, if you are shorter, this height can be ideal.

Bed Height Of 25 Inches

A bed that is 25 inches off the ground is actually the most traditional in terms of height. This is due to the fact that the height is generally achieved with a boxspring placed under the mattress. This height has been used for years because it had been found to be the most comfortable for most people.

25 inches is approximately knee-level for the majority of people. Regardless of your height, this will be the easiest option and one of the most popular. There are other benefits to this bed height including the fact that these beds will fill dead space when you have high ceilings.

Bed Height Of 32 Inches

If you are looking at getting an older antique bed, it is important to note that they often have a height of 32 inches. While this can make an imposing aesthetic, it can cause problems for most people. This height is generally too high for most people to comfortably get into and out of the bed.

If you are short, have a bad back, have bad knees or are elderly, you should avoid beds of their height. Getting out of the bed can be hard because you need to jump off. You will not be able to firmly place your feet on the ground and use your knees to push you off.


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