How to treat burns

How to treat burns

The pain associated with the burn is so severe that even talking or reading about it arouses aversion. Meanwhile, a burn can happen to us at any time. We can burn ourselves or witness a burn. In any case, it is worth knowing what action is most appropriate and how to treat burns.

What are the types of burns?

The first-degree burn is reddened skin with slight swelling and a burning sensation. Such a burn occurs when the skin does not get too hot water, too long the sun or steam from the boiling vessel will act.

Second-degree burns are blisters that appear on a red spot and are filled with yellowish fluid. Torn epidermis, especially the skin under it, is the cause of severe pain. This degree of burn occurs after pouring boiling water, oil or brief contact with fire.

Third-degree burns cover the entire thickness of the dermis, and often deeper tissues, often with necrosis. The skin takes on a pearly white, gray-white to brown color, is hard and dry. Due to nerve damage, there is a lack of sensation and a severe metabolic disorder on the burned surface.

In the event of this type of burn, after immediately and briefly cooling the burned area under running water (only a few minutes), treat the wound with a hydrogel dressing and report to the ambulance as soon as possible.

Burnt skin treatment

Use a hydrogel dressing

Burn wounds heal faster if we use a waterproof hydrogel dressing. The hydrogel contains in its structure over 50 percent. water, releases moisture into the wound and absorbs small amounts of secretions. It ensures obtaining a moist environment, which is crucial in the case of burns, as drying of the burn wound causes the healing process to slow down.

By retaining microbes in its structure, the gel prevents potential infection. In addition, it provides a cooling effect, which reduces pain and brings immediate relief to burned skin.

Pour the scalded surface with water

First of all, we try to cool the burned surface by pouring cold running water. Of course, we can start with lukewarm water and gradually cool it. It is important that this process lasts quite a long time. Water works very well, relieving pain and promoting wound healing in the most difficult post-traumatic period. We must approach each burn very carefully – despite the fact that the majority of 1st and 2nd degree burns heal completely within a few days (1st degree) or several weeks (2nd degree).

When should you contact your doctor?

If there is still severe redness of the skin, pain, and burning or if the body temperature is increasing, it is necessary to seek medical help. Consultation with a physician is necessary especially when the burns are accompanied by pain and dizziness, nausea, chills, high temperature, fast heart rate, and loss of consciousness.

We do not apply dressings, but only apply a layer of soothing foam – this is what we do most often with sunburn. Compresses or pouring cool water should be the basic remedy. Remember this, be careful and protect against the risk of burns to children!


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