How to make pancakes

How to make pancakes

Pancakes are a dish that is easy to cook and liked by almost everyone. Thin and flexible fritters are the secret of successful pancakes. How to make such pancakes? Here is the recipe for the perfect pancake cake.

How to make pancakes?

You need 200g of wheat flour, 250ml of milk, one medium egg, a pinch of salt and 3 tablespoons of oil.

Pour the milk into the bowl and slowly pour the flour into it with one hand and stir vigorously with the other with a whisk. Add egg, oil and a pinch of salt to the mass. Heat a frying pan with oil on a low heat stove. You have to make sure that the pancakes can stick to the surface. When this happens, add more oil and wait a while until the pan is really hot.

Pour the batter into the pan. Do this slowly by pouring a narrow trickle of dough to spread it well over the entire surface of the pan. When the dough is too liquid, add half a tablespoon of flour to it to thicken it, and when the opposite is true – the dough is too thick – just add 2 tablespoons of milk. After 2 minutes, use a wooden spatula to flip the pancake to the other side. When the cake has a golden brown color, you can remove it from the pan.

Pancake recipe and serving

How to fry pancakes?

Stir the dough often, because it happens to separate, and take care of its proper consistency – less often it is better to spread with a thin layer in the pan, but it is softer and easier to tear. It should have about the consistency of thick cream. Do not hesitate to add milk or water if it is too thick – you have to feel it yourself. Certainly, warm the pan strongly. This will brown the pancake before it dries. You can, after frying each pancake, grease the pan with butter – it will smell all over the house, and the pancakes will have a slightly different surface than those fried in a dry pan. In a smaller pan, pancakes are easier – spreading requires fewer moves. Regardless of the size, the pan should have a thick bottom.

Errors in making pancakes

The whole secret of proper frying pancakes lies in the very good heating of the pan with a minimum amount of fat. Most skilled housewives say that the first pancake is usually unsuccessful because it is an attempt to assess the state of heating the pan. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to guess what the proper temperature of the pan is until we try frying. The reasons for unsuccessful pancakes are usually as follows:

The cake has not matured and therefore has the wrong consistency – then it spreads badly and the pies come out too thin or too thick.

The pan is too weak or too hot – in the first case the pancakes may be too thick, in the second one too thin and holey.

How to serve pancakes?

As a dessert, pancakes can be served with jam, honey, dried fruit, nutella, maple syrup or peanut butter. One of the tastiest versions of a sweet pancake pie is to spread it on a nutella, cut in a banana and finally pour it with whipped cream.

In the persistent version, pancakes are often served with spinach, cheese or meat stuffing and vegetables.


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